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Spell to Write and Read
Spell to Write and Read

Spell to Write and Read is an outstanding multi-sensory phonics-based Language Arts program that teaches Spelling, Writing, and Reading--all at the same time! Watch the film trailer, read the overview, and scroll down for detailed information on Spell to Write and Read. Get your complete Core Kit Today!

The Spell to Write and Read Core Kit Includes:
  • Spell to Write and Read Book
  • WISE Guide for Spelling
  • 70 Basic Phonogram Cards
  • 28 Spelling Rules Cards
  • Phonogram Compact Disc (CD)
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Frequently Asked Questions about Spell to Write and Read
click to expandWhat is Spell to Write and Read?

The Spell to Write and Read Core Kit (hereafter SWR) is an integrated four to six year language arts program founded on scientifically selected words, in grades K through 12, taught with proven techniques and reliable rules. It culminates almost thirty years of work by Wanda Sanseri-classroom English teacher, tutor, author, homeschooler, and SWR trainer-on the subject of how children learn to write and read. The program teaches children from the known to the unknown-in short, children "think to spell."

Studies have shown that good reading skills are directly related to how well a student can hear and work with the sounds in words. Sadly, 30% of high school graduates have trouble doing basic reading or filling out a job application. Often English is blamed as an illogical, perplexingly difficult language that has more exceptions than one can count, but this is simply not the case! Using Spell to Write and Read we can phonetically explain 99% of the most frequently used words.

click to expandHow Does Spell to Write and Read Work?

The English Language has 45 sounds which we spell in 70 basic ways. A phonogram is a letter or set of letters used to represent one or more of these sounds. The quickest, most natural way to learn to spell, write and read is to learn these phonograms. Additionally, there are 28 Spelling Rules that work consistently in the English language with few exceptions. Together, the phonograms and spelling rules make up the backbone for spelling instruction. The SWR approach has several distinct advantages over other reading/language arts programs currently available on the market:

  • Capitalizes on a child's initial enthusiasm to learn
  • Avoids techniques that clutter or slow down automatic response between symbol and sound
  • Reinforces the information through multi-sensory instruction
  • Teaches sounds of multi-letter combinations
  • Restricts foundational learning to most essential skills for decoding
  • Saves time and money
  • Stimulates logical thinking

With the SWR Core Kit you can do the following:
  • Follow Step-by-step instructions for the teacher
  • Evaluate and wisely place students according to ability
  • Cover spelling words from kindergarten to freshman level in college
  • Build from the same foundation over four to six years
  • Unify Spelling, Writing, and Reading instruction
  • Teach logical thinking skills
  • And much, much more!

click to expandCan I get some help to learn how to use Spell to Write and Read?

Yes, you can. We have a made the DVD Introduction to Spell to Write and Read: A Blueprint for Language Arts Success to help you decide if the Spell to Write and Read program is right for you and to teach you how to begin using this valuable resource. The DVD is available here for $9.95.

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Introduction to Spell to Write and Read: A Blueprint for Language Arts Success
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An Introduction to Spell to Write and Read DVD
by Greg Munger, Paul Munger

trying to decide which is the best reading and spelling program on the market?  Not sure how to get started?  Join Greg Munger as he introduces you to the Spell to Write and Read program and shows you how to get started using SWR. You'll hear from 6 mothers who are using the program, see how their families use the program, hear tips and techniques they employ in the daily instruction, and you'll also enjoy the colorful computer graphics that demonstrate how the phonograms work. In no time at all, you'll be laying the foundation for teaching children to be confident readers.

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